Who wins the eliquid flavor choices: Compare Apollo, Halo and Blu

There are a lot of products available in the market. There is a plethora of people buying ecigs and their flavors. With the huge increase in demand many companies have started making their own line of flavor juices. Amongst the top four contenders for your flavor profile are Apollo, Halo, and Blu.

These are the topmost company available in the market in terms of ecigs, production, manufacture and sales. They also produce and market their e juices and other related accessories that make your vaping experience better.

All these are available on their respective websites. After you read this review, do login to their online stores and view what is in store during this time of the season. There are regular deals, discounts and sales going on to lure customer base. There are also schemes wherein you can use your coupon codes to avail added discount. Not only that you can also use promo codes to save money on your sale.

In this review we will try to lower your burden by comparing the topmost brands for you. Listed below are some of the basic differences and comparison that I found on the leading brands and their flavors. Hope this helps to lower some of your confusion on what to buy next time you are in market for your personal vaporizer.

Apollo Ecigs
Blu Cigs
Halo E Cigs

Number of Flavors

– 5 Prefilled & 20+ E-Liquids
– 7 Prefilled
– 8 Prefilled & 20+ E-Liquids

Flavor Options

– Menthol, Tobacco, Clove, Grape, Coffee, Vanilla, Cherry and many more.
– Magnificent Menthol, Classic Tobacco, Cherry Crush, Java Jolt, Pina Colada, Vivid Vanilla, Peach Schnapps
– Tribeca, Prime15, Turkish Tobacco, HX3, Torque5, Malibu, Belgian Cocoa, Menthol ICE and more…

Nicotine Levels

– Extra High (24mg), High (18mg), Medium (12mg), Low (6mg), Zero
– High (13-16mg), Medium (9-12mg), Low (6-8mg), Zero
– XHigh (24mg), High (18mg), Med (12mg), Low (6mg)

Liquid Base

– 60/40 PG/VG
– 100% VG
– PG & VG not determine

Discount Coupons

25% off Apollo E-liquid
10-15% off Blu E-liquid
10% off Halo E-liquid

Note: All three brands are USA made.

All these are just reviews that you will find may differ or remain same when you actually taste and feel the vapour cloud in your mouth and lungs. These features are just to name a few from the list of amazing experience and taste that you will have once you have actually tried it for starter.

So hurry up. And you can save a lot of money by making use of the alluring discount codes and coupon codes they provide above. Make use of as many coupon codes and promo codes that you have to buy a box of flavor just the way you like it. Avail maximum discount while the sale lasts!

Green Smart Deal/Nodeal? Not Only Is It Affordable But Also Good For The Environment!

greensmartliving Green Smart Deal/Nodeal? Not Only Is It Affordable But Also Good For The Environment!

With pollution being a major problem in the world, it’s time for people to act and people should start by eliminating smoking. People should switch to electronic cigarettes as soon as possible as they seem to be the better choice for our environment. Not only it is great for giving you the same satisfying experience as tobacco cigarettes but you’re also helping out the environment and keeping our world clean. Let us further discuss this.

The Butt Stops Here
No more butts! Do you have any idea how many cigarette butts you have simply tossed out the window of your car or emptied into trash bins? There are millions of regular and menthol cigarette butts lining trash bags and streets throughout the world. According to cigwaste.org, they are the number one littered item in the world with more than 1.6 million butts discarded in 2007 alone. If you were a one pack a day smoker and there are 20 in a pack, then that’s 7,300 butts per year that are not making their way into the environment and landfills! There are more than 5.5 trillion cigarettes used every year; of that most of them are filtered and thus create a butt. When you use e-cigarettes, you are eliminating the butt problem of the world. Yes you still need to throw out your flavor cartridges as well but remember that 1 pack of cigarettes is equal to 1 flavor cartridge so in that way alone you are already decreasing garbage. Some flavor cartridges can even be reuse and be refilled so you dont need to throw it away when it already runs out of E-liquid. Some brands even have their recycling program where you can trade in your used cartridges for freebies

Air Pollution
There is an obvious reason why most people don’t want anyone smoking indoors or in restaurants. Cigarettes create a noxious smoke that is unpleasant to inhale and is made up of many chemicals that are hazardous not only to you, but the environment as well. According to the American Cancer Society, there are more than 7,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke including cyanide, benzene, ammonia and acetylene. There is also carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide. When this smoke is inhaled, it irritates the lungs and throat. Over time, smokers develop a cough because their lungs need to expel the contaminates. This is not an issue with the vapor from electronic cigarettes. There’s absolutely no noxious poisons entering the air and no carbon monoxide entering the atmosphere.

Other Disposal Problems
By using e-cigarettes, you’re also eliminating empty packs that get tossed aside as well. Other disposal problems such as lighters and gum wrappers (from gums you use to try to cover up the bad smell of E-cig in your breath).

Now you know how cigarettes and e-cigarettes differ when it comes to environmental effect. It is clear that E-cigs are the better choice for the environment so switch now!

Brands That Promotes Greener Living Plus Some E-cig Coupons To Use

Green Smoke : Get E-cig Coupons Here
Green Smart Living: Get E-cig Coupons Here

Ladies, Take Advantage Of These V2 Ecig Coupons Today!

womenvaping Ladies, Take Advantage Of These V2 Ecig Coupons Today!

Are you a lady who smokes? If you are then maybe you should give E-cigarettes a try and see how it can improve your life? As a woman, you need E-cigs more than men do as E-cigs can improve your appearance, your health and your overall lifestyle. Moreover, as a woman, we have more obligations to the people that surrounds us rather than ourselves. It is just in our nature to be unselfish and put other people first to us. Here are just a few people in your life who will be glad if you choose to switch to E-cigarettes:

Your Boss: Let’s face it, as a woman, it’s harder for us to get corporate or high paying jobs as the society looks into us as inferior to men. So if we have the chance to get a great job, we should take care of it. However, it’s hard to look busy while standing outside your office building, smoking a traditional cigarette. Don’t give your boss the wrong impression that your not working hard. E- cigarettes allow you to indulge without sacrificing and going out, you can vape while working in your cubicle.

Your Significant Other: We haven’t conducted a formal study on this one. Still, we’re pretty sure that smoke-free kisses taste way better than smoke-filled ones (Note: gone are the yellowed teeth, chapped lips and bad breath). And who wouldn’t find you even more attractive when your hair now have its original glow and your skin is free from blemishes?

Your Family: Your family may have secretly or dominantly push you to quit smoking. You probably are getting pissed off with them saying that (but that’s just because they only care for you) and at last, with E-cigarettes, your mom can give you a hug without smelling smoke on your clothes. You’ll make Mom happy. So happy, she may just offer to do your laundry. She may even ask you to convince other family members who are smokers to qui – now look who’s the push over.

4. Your Non Smoker Friends: Remember those friends who always complain about you smoking? Well they are true friends and not just some kiss ass friends. And they will be happy to see you not smoking.

Your Baby: If you are already a mom, then the pressure of you switching to E-cigarettes is much higher. Dont you know that you are not only harming yourself when you smoke but also your babies? Second hand smoking affects babies and children below 3 years old. They may catch a respiratory disease or newborns can even die because of it. Dont let this happen to you and spare those innocent children.

Electronic cigarettes are indeed better for you and people around you can see it. It’s time all the ladies in the world see it too and switch to electronic cigarettes as soon as possible. To even convince you to switch, here are V2 cigs discount coupons for you.

V2 Cigs – Perfect For The Ladies

V2 cigs is one of the top E-cigarette brand around so you’ll be sure to get high quality E-cigs when you choose V2 cigs. V2 cigs are perfect for the ladies as they have flavors that appeals to the ladies, styles and designs that ladies would love and the prices are so affordable with V2 cigs coupons we provided. So switch now.